Variable Action Heroes Portgas D Ace Action Figure

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– Variable Action Heroes Portgas D Ace Action Figure

– One Piece

– Megahouse

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From the long running anime and manga series One Piece comes the Variable Action Heroes Portgas D Ace action figure by Megahouse! Former Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, Portgas D Ace also known as “Fire Fist Ace”, is the son of Gol D. Roger, the “Pirate King” and adopted older brother to Monkey D. Luffy. Under the leadership of Captain Whitebeard, the Whitebeard  Pirates were one of the strongest and most renown pirate groups, encouraging fear and reverence equally among the pirating world. Portgas D Ace serves as inspiration for Luffy as he tries to live up to his older brothers legend and surpass him by becoming the next Pirate King!

The Variable Action Heroes Portagas D Ace action figure looks amazing, offering vibrant colors and a beautiful sculpt that stays true to Portgas’s original character designs. This figure comes fully articulated making it possible to pose him in just about any position so you can recreate all of your favorite scenes from the One Piece anime or manga. The details on this figure are perfectly crafted from the subtle shading used in the paint applications to the his signature hat and tattoos.

Megahouse is one of Japan’s premier figure companies, providing top quality while also maximizing their ability to create amazing sculpts with every new release. Whether its one of their excellent scale figures or an articulated one, Megahouse continues to improve and set the standard throughout the figure industry.

– One Piece

– Megahouse

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