Saber Extra 1/7 Kotobukiya Figure

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1/7 Saber Extra Figure



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Saber Extra 1/7 Figure by Kotobukiya from the anime series Fate/Extra. Saber is a beautiful, strong willed warrior with a secret past. In the anime Fate/Stay Night she serves Shirou Emiya while in the Fate/Zero anime series she is subservient to Kiritsugu Emiya. Her class is considered “The Most Outstanding” with high ratings in every category. Saber is agile, powerful, and goal oriented, so much so that she suppresses her emotions in order to stay focused on her duties. This often leads others to believe that she is cold in nature but Saber is actually very loyal and reserved. While her true identity is kept hidden, Saber is raised in secret by Sir Ector who was entrusted to care of her by the legendary Merlin.

Kotobukiya captures all of Saber’s beauty and strength with this figure, fully expressing her powerful spirit. This piece from Kotobukiya features excellent sculpting and paint applications with every detail. Her red dress flows beautifully along her body as she readies her next attack. Saber’s piercing green eyes and elegant demeanor fully expresses the depth of the iconic character. Kotobukiya makes some of the best figures on the market using high quality materials and state of the art sculpting techniques.



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