S.H. Figuarts Naruto Sage Mode Action Figure

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– S.H. Figuarts Naruto Sage Mode Action Figure

– Naruto Shippuden

– Bandai

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From the popular anime and manga series Naruto Shippuden comes the S.H. Figuarts Naruto Sage Mode action figure by Bandai. During his training with Jiraiya, Naruto learns how to use and eventually master Sage power, a powerful technique known to very few ninja. By harnesing the energy of nature, Naruto is able to fight against foes that are impervious to other ninja abilities like Ninjitsu or Genjutsu. Sage becomes a key factor for Naruto in his fights against Pain and Madara Uchia, in both battles the odds were stacked against him but the power he gained from his Sage Mode helped to even the playing field and bring Naruto closer to victory.

The S.H. Figuarts Naruto Sage Mode action figure looks great with excellent details and a fully articulated body that allows for a wide range of motion in every joint. The signature frog style eyes of Naruto’s Sage Mode are done perfectly and the overall representation is accurate to Naruto’s original character design. This figure comes with a variety of accessories including extra face plates and hand sets as well as effect parts.

S.H.figuarts action figures by Bandai Tamashii Nations are made of the highest quality materials and feature incredibly articulated joints with a high level of detail and excellent finishes.

– Naruto Shippuden

– Bandai

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