S.H. Figuarts Itachi Uchia Action Figure

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– S.H. Figuarts Itachi Uchia Action Figure

– Bandai

– Naruto Shippuden

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From the beloved anime and manga series Naruto Shippuden comes the S.H. Figuarts Itachi Uchia action figure by Banai. Itchachi, the mysterious elder brother of Team 7’s Sasuke lives a life burdened with impossible choices that mark him as a pariah throughout the Great Ninja Nations. The actions he takes while seemingly out of vegence and betrayel are motivated by his love for Sasuke. He later joins up with the notorious Akatsuki, an underground ninja organization shrouded in mystery. Throughout the series Itachi serves as a constand benchmark for Sasuke’s development not only as a warrior but as a man as well, guiding his younger brother on path that will lead to an eventual truth in which both profound as it is heartbreaking.

The S.H. Figuarts Itachi Uchia action figure captures all the allure and mysticism that Itachi represents by staying true to the original character designs while offering a fully articulated figure thanks to Bandai’s joint system. This figure is stunning, from the expertly paint floral design that is the Akatsuki’s logo to the deeply sullen look in his expression, capturing all the regret and sadness Itachi lives with everyday.

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