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– Nendoroid Saitama Action Figure

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From the incredibly popular anime series One Punch Man comes the Nendoroid Saitama action figure by Good Smile Company! Saitama is a seemingly average citizen of City Z but he’s actually the strongest man on earth. After deciding to become a hero, Saitama trains by doing everyday exercises like running and pus-up’s but somehow achieves powers abilities far beyond any of the other members of the Super Hero Association. While incredibly powerful, his humility and aloof attitude actually work against him, making his achievements go unnoticed.

The Nendoroid Saitama action figure is the perfect kawaii statement that any One Punch Man fan can appreciate. Saitama’s facial expressions are dead on and his home made crime fighting suit looks great as well. The Nendoroid Saitama action figure by Good Smile Company comes with a variety of accessories including swappable face plates, extra hand sets and a base to help him up.

The Nendoroid line of action figures by Good Smile Company provides your favorite anime characters in an adorable chibi size and design. Nendoroid figures are known for being cute and coming with lots of accessories like funny faces that really add to their kawaii aesthetic. These figures also use the same high end plastics used in Good Smile Company’s scale figures and are made to the same incredibly high standard that the brand is known for.

– One Punch Man

– Nendoroid

– Good Smile Company

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