Naruto Itachi Uchiha G.E.M. 1/8 Figure

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Naruto Shippuden Itachi Uchiha G.E.M. 1/8 Series Scale Figure

1/8 Scale


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Naruto Shippuden Itachi Uchiha G.E.M. series 1/8 Scale Figure by Megahouse. Itachi Uchiha is one the most powerful and mysterious ninja’s in the Naruto Universe. He was once the pride of the legendary Uchiha clan, known for their Sharingan and mastery in the art of Genjutsu, the manipulation of Chakra flow within the brain. Itachi’s masterful skill with the Sharingan lead him on many dangerous missions for Konoha, the Village Hidden In The Leaves. The young ninja then joins the evil Akatsuki organization after laying waste to his entire clan, all except his younger brother Sasuke who swears vengeance upon Itachi for the deaths of family and clan. Megahouse really captures Itachi’s mysterious nature with this beautiful figure. The sculpt does a wonderful job expressing Itachi’s deep regret and sorrowful emotions he feels for the loss of his clan. Megahouse brings this character to life in this excellent G.E.M. series scale figure. Megehouse is known for crafting some of the best scale figures on the market with interesting designs that stay true the original characters.

Naruto Shippuden



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