Metal Build Gundam F91 Action Figure

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– Metal Build F91 Gundam Action Figure

– Bandai

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From the anime Mobile Suit Gundam F91 comes the stunning Metal Build Gundam F91 action figure by Bandai! Piloted by Seabook Arno, The F91 is arguably one of the most powerful mobile suits in the Universal Century. Developed by the Strategic Naval Research Institute during a period of decline in the Earth Federations power as a means of defense against the Crossbone Vanguard, who were becoming more and more bold with their attacks. The F91 or Formula 91 Gundam utilizes two Variable Speed Rifles which the mobile suit taps its Fusion Reactor as a source of power. This technology allowed for a variety of new abilities in battle like changing the shape and power of each beam. Aside from the VSR system the F91 also incorporates a Bio-Computer which sends battle data directly into the pilots brain for maximum combat ability.

The Metal Build Gundam F91 action figure by Bandai is incredibly detailed and stands proudly as the latest addition to the Metal Build family. Featuring a body composed entirely of durable metal armor parts and fully articulated joints, this figure is stunning at every angle. With a high gloss finish and an expert paint application every detail pops to life on the Metal Build Gundam F91 action figure. Not only does it come beautifully painted but it’s also fully decaled and comes with an armament of extras including beam rifles, gun cannon, and functional open face gimmick!

– Mobile Suit Gundam F91

– Bandai

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