Figma Kirito ALO Ver. Action Figure

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– Figma Kirito ALO Ver. Action Figure

– Sword Art Online II

– Good Smile Company

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From the hit anime series Sword Art Online II comes the Figma Kirito ALO Ver. action figure by Max Factory. Two months after the events of that took place in Sword Art Online Asuna still hasn’t awoke and remains hospitalized. In a measure to secure financial stability her father sets up an engagement for his daughter to Sugou Nobukuki, clearly against her will. Later its discovered that her mind has been trapped in a new game called Alfheim Online thanks to the Full Dive technology where she is being held captive by the games creator. After months of searching for Asuna’s location Kirito is finally able to track her down and discovers what has happened to her. Knowing how dangerous going into a new VRMMO game can be Kirito decides to use the Full Dive technology once more to save his beloved Asuna and start their lives anew.

The Figma Kirito ALO Ver. action figure by Max Facctory captures Kirito’s strong will and desire to save Asuna perfectly with incredible detail. His facial expressions  are spot on and allow you to recreate all of the amazing moments from the anime and thanks to Figma’s smooth  joint system, Kirito has a full range of motion for maximum playability and articulation. The matte black  tones of his Alfheim avatar contrasts beautifully with his pale skin tones while his trademark dual swords only help to add to this figures high quality and aesthetic. The Figma Kirito ALO Ver. action figure by Max Factory also comes with a variety of accessories including swappable face plates, extra hand sets and weapons.

The Figma line of action figures by Max Factory offer incredible detail and articulation, always staying true to original character designs. The smooth joint system that Figma uses ensures that all of their figures not only pose well but last a long time too. Using the highest quality plastics and rubber materials Figma maintains its stellar record of high end action figures and cutting edge technology that the line is known for.

– Sword Art Online

– Max Factory

– Good Smile Company

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