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– Figma Hulk Action Figure

– Marvel Comics

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Your favorite green hero is coming to Figma and busting the heads of anyone and everyone who gets in his way! Originally created Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the Hulk is the result of scientist Bruce Banner getting caught in a gamma bomb blast he invented. When Dr. Banner’s anger rises his mind and body contort, unleashing his unstoppable alter ego the Hulk. With an endless amount of strength and endurance the Hulk is one of the most powerful comic book characters ever created. The angrier he gets the stronger and tougher he becomes, with this ability and Bruce Banner’s incredible brain power its no wonder why the Hulk is one of the most integral assets the Avengers have in their fight against villainy.

The Figma Hulk action figure looks awesome, from the details in his expression to the bulging muscles this figure is spot on in every way. This figure captures Dr. Banner’s menacing tendencies perfectly with the Hulks snarl and towering physique. This action figure is fully articulated offering you tons of posing opportunities to recreate your favorite scenes from the comics and movies.

The Figma line of action figures by Max Factory offers incredible detail and articulation, always staying true to original character designs. The smooth joint system that Figma uses ensures that all of their figures not only pose well but last a long time too. Using the highest quality plastics and rubber materials Figma maintains its stellar record of high end action figures and cutting edge technology that the line is known for.

– The Hulk

– Marvel Comics

– Good Smile Company

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