Android #17 & #18 Desktop Real McCoy Figure

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– Android #17 & #18 Desktop Real McCoy Figure

– Dragon Ball Z

– Megahouse

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Two of the worlds greatest inventions are also its greatest threat thanks to the sinister Dr.Gero. After 3 years of training, the Z Fighters are ready to take on the androids Trunks warned them about but they wont go down easy. Dr. Gero created the androids in order to take his revenge against Goku for the defeat of the Red Ribbon Army during the events of Dragon Ball. The Doctor even went so far to blend his own flesh with machine, turning his own body into an Android all for the sake of revenge. Android 17 and Android 18 are two of his most powerful creations but also the most rebellious. They kill Android 20 (Dr. Gero) and go free from his control but still they go on to terrorize the Earths people regardless of their freedom. Upon the death of their creator they also wake the slumbering Android 16 and despite their actions decide to carry out the Doctor’s revenge on Goku. All the while an even greater threat is lurking in the shadows… Dr. Gero’s ultimate creation Cell is waiting to absorb the 17 & 18 become the universes perfect being.

The Android #17 & #18 Desktop Real McCoy Figure by Megahouse mirrors the free yet dangerous personalities of the robotic twins. Their flowing hair and smoothly sculpted design works to make this figure the perfect representation of everyone’s favorite robotic villains. The details on the motorcycle and clothing are accurate to the manga while the rich colors harken back to the anime series.

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