1/7 Unlimited Blade Works Saber PVC Figure

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– 1/7 Scale

– Fate/Stay Night

– Kotobukiya

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The powerful and elegant Saber whose true identity is kept secret plays the role of Shirou Emiya’s servant in the Fate/Stay Night anime series. Saber is strong willed and incredibly skillful. While she may seem to come off as cold, Saber is actually warm of heart and deeply cares for her allies and friends. The stunning 1/7 Unlimited Blade Works Saber PVC Figure by Kotobukiya is a gorgeous representation of the character with every detail. Saber’s expression is kind yet resilient showcasing her true feelings. This figure is full of excellent details from her beautifully rendered sword and the deep and vibrant colors used on her outfit. At every angle this figure is spellbinding and a must have for fans of the Fate/Stay Night series and the character.


– 1/7 Unlimited Blade Works Saber PVC Figure

– Fate/Stay Night

– Kotobukiya

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