1/7 Akatsuki PVC Figure

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– Akatsuki PVC Figure

– 1/7 Scale

– Log Horizon

– Aquamarine

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Trapped in he virtual reality M.M.O. video game Elder Tale, Akatsuki teams up with Shiroe and Naotsugu becoming one of the founding members of Log Horizon. Throughout the anime series Akatsuki and the rest of the guild take on dangerous missions battling against monsters, tackling a variety of political issues and bringing the citizens and guilds of Akihabara together all while unearthing the secrets behind Elder Tales and the “Catastrophe”. Akatsuki is incredibly loyal to Shiroe, often times referring to him as her lord and herself as his ninja vassal. She specializes in stealth abilities known as “Shadow Lurk”, serving the guild as an assasin. While she is goal driven and resolute in her feelings Akatsuki is a warm and sometimes silly character who uncovers the importance of friendship and duty throughout the series.

The 1/7 Akatsuki PVC Figure by Aquamarine matches her look and personality in every way from her long, flowing purple hair to her confidant expression. The paint applications on this piece are excellent, staying true to the original character designs with subtle shading and a fluidity that brings Akatsuki to life. The subtle contrasts and muted tones of her outfit bring out all the beautiful details of Aquamarines sculpt on this figure while highlighting her adorable purple hued eyes and rosy cheeks.


– Log Horizon

– Aquamarine

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