1/100 MG Ball Shark Mouth Marking Ver.

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MG Ball Shark Mouth Marking Ver.Bandai

1/100 Scale


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RB-79 Ball mobile suit is the result of 1200 retrofitted Federation space pods. The Ball is used for mobile suit repairs and recon missions. In the year 0079 of the Universal Century, pilot Shiro Amada used the Ball to fight against enemy mobile suits in the Mobile Suit Gundam 08th MS Team anime series. The RB-79 Ball has many practical uses and is a mainstay in the Gundam universe.

The 1/100 MG Ball Shark Mouth Marking Ver. model kit by Bandai is highly detailed and once completed is a fully articulated model. This is kit features the mouth of a shark painted on the suit offering another level of detail to the build.

The Master Grade line of model kits by Bandai features highly detailed parts in a sizable 1/100 scale. Master Grade model kits typically require moderate to advance modeling skills and come with a larger amount of parts than Bandai’s High Grade and Real Grade model kit lines.


Gundam M.S.V.


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