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IRAM Gamer’s First Trailer For Shadow Moses Project Remake


The first trailer for a new Metal Gear Solid remake has just been posted by group call iRAM Gamer, the project is entitled Shadow Moses and runs on the Unreal 4 engine, the same engine that brought us the Preston Dunagan Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue remakes. As of now iRAM Gamer is continuing work on the project with Konami’s consent but they are hoping they will get the green light for the project. The iRAM group proposes to render the original Metal Gear Solid title in 3D and from the trailer they’ve posted it looks like they have done just that. I’m a  huge MGS fan so this project really has me interested, hopefully Konami doesn’t put the kabosh on the project because so far its looking really good. Check out the trailer below to see how the remake is shaping up, you can also follow their progress on their Facebook page at the provided  link.

iRAM Gamer Facebook Link –


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The Japan Academy Prize Association Nominates 5 Anime Films

Presented by the Nippon Academy-Sho Association, the Japan Academy Association has announced their five nominees for for the 39th annual Excellence In Film prize. The nominees and synopsis are as follows.

The Anthem Of The Heart : A girls voice magically taken from her so she wont be able to bring harm to anyone with it until her outlook on life is changed by music and friendship.


The Boy And The Beast : A young boy falls into an alternate universe where he is raised by Kumatetsu, a bear man. The boy, now known as Kyuta is eventually thrown into an adventure which spans the two worlds.The-Boy-And-The-Beast-Poster-2

Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F : Goku and Vegeta protect the Earth from the resurrected Freeza and his army of galactic soldiers.


Miss Hokusai : The year 1814 and Edo (Tokyo) is one of the most densly populated cities, home to peasants, samurai, townsmen, merchants, nobles, artists, courtesans, and possibly supernatural entities. Two Edo residents are the highly acclaimed artist Tetsuzo and his talented 23 year old daughter O-Ei. Tetsuo gains global acclaim as Katsushika Hokusai, but few would know “Miss Hokusai,” the uncredited daughter who assisted him.


Love Live! The School Idol : The second Love Live is at an end and u’s is finally ready to part ways… until they suddenly recieve a letter inviting them to perform in New York, along with news of an upcoming Love Live far more ambitious than any school idol event has ever been. After the New York performance is a success, things get more complicated for Honoka and her friends, as they find themselves thrown into a new level of celebrity they never knew experienced before. love-live-movie



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Ghost In The Shell Realize Project To Hold Award Exhibition


Created in November of 2014 the Ghost In The Shell Realize project was and is an initiative to explore the themes and technologies found in the the Ghost In The Shell universe with real world applications. This projected launched as a means to help adavnce society and technology in an interesting way while also serving as excellent advertising for the franchise. There was even a hacking convention or “Hackathon” held in October and November for the project. The “Hackathon” was meant to get some of Japan’s brightest and most talented mindes in one place to explore the themes of futuristic cities, cyborgs, and other technologies in a practical way. Ghost-In-The-Shell-Realize-Project


The award will go out to one of ten teams who’ve shown the most progress and forward thinking within their various works since the launch of the project. There’s also going to be an exhibition of the teams different projects as well as conference meeting to discuss the work and the latest technologies being developed around the world. I have to say that this is really a pretty cool initiative, the GITS franchise has always been among my favorites and this ceremony, along with the project as a whole just help to score extra points with me. The symposium will consist of then speakers including the director of Stand Along Complex and original Ghost In The Shell Movies‘ writer.


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Studio Ghibli’s When Marnie Was There Gets Oscar Nomination


Last Thursday at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, film directors Ang Lee and Guillermo del Toro announced that Studio Ghibli’s Film When Marnie Was There had recieved a nomination in the Animated Feature Film category. This is Hiromasa Yonebayashi’s second film following his freshman debut The Secrect World Of Arietty. Like his first movie, When Marnie Was There is adapted from an English childrens novel but this time Yonebayashi changes the setting from Great Britain to a small Japanese Village in Hokkaido.


The nomination is great news for anime fans but this years competition is pretty stiff, other nominees in this category include Inside Out, Anomolisa, Boy And The World, and Shaun The Sheep Movie. Personally I’m looking forward to seeing Anomolisa and as much as would love to see Ghibli take the win here I’m going to predict that Anomolisa will be victorious this year. Mamoru Hosoda’s film The Boy And The Beast was also up for an Oscar nomination this year but wasn’t able to claim a spot. The 88th Academy Awards ceremony will be held February 28 where the official winner for the Animated Feature Film category will be announced, nows probably a good time to check this movie out if you haven’t already, either way lets keep our fingers crossed that Yonebayashi and Studion Ghibli can take the win this year!

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AMC Theaters List The Boy And The Beast For February Release


The American chain of movie thearers AMC has posted a listing for Mamoru Hosoda’s anime film The Boy And The Beast with a February release shedule. Other Theaters also have the film listed but with releases in March rather than February. The And The Beast is Hosoda’s first film since 2012 making it a total of 4 years since the release of Wolf Children, one of my personal favorites. The Boy And The Beast also surpassed the box office sales of his last film and managed to claim to the spot of second highest earning Japenese domestic film of 2015 after debuting at number one in its first week.The-Boy-And-The-Beast-Poster-2

The film rights were licensed by Funimation Animation who has plans to release the film nationwide in early 2016, but no official date has been posted yet. Hosoda’s newest work is about a lonely young boy and a lonely Bakemono (monster). Each live in worlds that must not interact with the other but one day the boy gets lost in the monster world, where he takes on the name Kyuta and becomes a student of the aformentioned Bakemono. I’ve been waiting for the movie to get released since I saw the first promo images so now that it’s so close I’m really gettting excited now to finally see the finished product.

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Funimation Updates Streaming App & Adds New Devices


Last Thursday Funimation Animation made an announcemt stating their going to be breathing new life into the company thanks to a reworked app coming in February. The refreshed app will be launching on Amazon Fire T.V., Appple T.V., and Windows 10 Universal. Redesigned apps are also coming to IOS, Kindle, and Android opetating systems as well. Not only is Funimation revamping their app, they’re also bringing it to the U.K. which is great news to many fans of Funimation’s dubbing and the anime they bring over from Japan. funimation-channel-fairy-tail

Funimation Animation is working side by side with Sony DADC New Media Solutions in  order to bring the new app to life thanks Sony’s Ven.ue channel creation service. The new FunimationNOW app will be available for demo at this years International Consumers Electronics show in Vegas.

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A Quick DIY Tutorial On Making A Diorama For Toy Photography By kixkillradio

Youtuber kixkillradio recently uploaded a really cool tutorial on how to make a believably diorama out of everyday objects for toy photography. It’s just a few minutes long but is definitely informative and a must see for anyone who’s into toy photography! Please check kixkillradio’s Youtube page and website as she has lots of other really cool videos toy photos as well!

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Netflix & Dreamworks Team Up For New Voltron Animation


Netflix and Dreamworks Animation are expdanding on a deal they made back in 2013, and thanks to this deal we’re getting a new Voltron series.So far the only other information about the new Voltron is that it will be a retelling of sorts. Their deal also includes a new original series titled Trolllhunters by Guillermo del Toro, which Netflix states is about an imaginative world and revolves around two best friends who make an astonishing discovery beneath their town.


The original Voltron anime aired in 1984 and was actually adapted from two other shows that Toei animation was running at the time. Voltron is about five young pilots, who protect the planet Arus from the evil King Zarkon using giant lion robots. When the young astronauts go into battle they join their separate mecha suits together to form the giant robot Voltron. The first season of the show was adapted from a show called Beast King GoLion thanks to come clever editing. Voltron’s second season was also created in the same way but this time was edited from the show Armored Fleet Dairugger XV. Its really amazing that Voltron caught on considering the way it come into production but nonetheless it remains a classic series that not only influenced many anime since but also retains a large fanbase that will only continue to grow thanks to Dreamworks Animation and Netflix’s collaboration on their new project.

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Machinima’s Live-Action Street Fghter Resurrection Gets New Promo Images


Machinima started posting new visuals for their live action follow up Street Fighter series from December 10th to January 2nd. The new seris is titled Street Fighter: Resurrection and is slated for a Spring release but no official date has been set as of yet. After a litte over a year from the first series they came out, these new visuals are a pleasant surprise.Machinima-Street-Fighter-Resurrenction-nash

This new series is a follow up to Machinima’s popular Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist series which was released on their Youtube page in 2014. The original series chronicled Ken and Ryu’s training under their master Gouken in Hado and the Ansatsuken martial art system. As for the new series, not much is known about the plot but as you can see from the photos Nash is going to be in the show so you can let your imaginations fill in the blanks. I really enjoyed Assassin’s Fist so I’m actually really excited to see Street Figter: Resurrection, lets just hope it’ll get released on time.Machinima-Street-Fighter-Resurrenction-Ken

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Detective Conan To Stream On Netflix


Netflix has started streaming 52 episodes of the long running Detective Conan series and I couldn’t be happiier about the news. Detective Conan is one of those shows I can watch any time and it never gets boring or stale in any way, this is true not just for me but for many others as the series has now aired over 800 episodes and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Netflix has already started streaming Detective Conan episodes #748 to #799 but I’m hoping they manage to get some of the earlier episodes into their rotation as well.Case-Closed-Conan-Wallpaper

The Detecctive Conan anime is an adaption of Gosho Aoyama’s manga which goes by the same tittle and has been airing since 1996, thats a whopping 19 years of awesome detective action! The show follows Kudo Shinichi, a teenage slueth turned child thanks to the mysterious Black Organization. Kudo takes on the name of Conan Edogawa and manages to solve many difficult cases while searching for the men who changed his body into that of a child. Detective Conan or Case Closed as its known in the west has always been one of the most creative shows out there while remaining true its roots and never taking itself too seriously. Being that Detective Conan is one of my all time favorite shows I must admit that I get pretty excted for any new excuses to go back and rewatch old episodes. If you haven’t seen this gem of a show yet than nows your chance to dig in thanks to folks over at Netflix.


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Studio Ghibli’s Only Yesterday To Get New U.S. Theatrical Release


For the first time ever, Studio Ghibli’s Only Yesterday will be coming to American theatres with a new dub and restoration. The film is directed by Ghibli co-founder Isao Takahata and follows career woman Taeko Okajima as she dayreams about her childhood while on her way to visit family outside of Tokyo during the 1980’s. The U.S. release comes 25 years after the films original debut in Japan thanks to GKIDS, the same company that brought over “From Up On Poppy Hill” and “The Tale Of Princess Kaguya”.

While just about every anime fan is familiar with Studio Ghibli, most are only aware of Hayao Miyazaki’s films, at least here in the west that is. Most people associate the company with fantasy elements and Miyazaki’s over the top imagination, all thanks to his enormous success over the years but Takahata’s work is far different. Takahata’s films include Grave Of The Fireflies, Pom Poko, and of course Only Yesterday. As with Takahata’s other work, Only Yesterday is much more based in reality than his partner’s movies and tells a story of doubt and missed opportunities due to lead character Taeko Okajima’s lifestyle as a city living, career woman.

The film is scheduled to release in New York City starting in January and boasts some impressive voice actors incuding Daisy Ridley, star of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, playing the lead character Taeko Okajima. Personaly I am very excited to see this in theatres as I haven’t watched Only Yesterday just yet and I also happen to be a bigger fan of Takahata’s work over the movies that Miyazaki puts out. The first time I watched “Grave Of The Fireflies” I cried the whole way through and watched again for a seecond time immediatley afterwards. That movie broke down any preconceived notions as to what an anime could be and the types of stories they could tell. It was at the point I knew I wanted to be involved in the anime industry to some extent and now I own a the very figure shop your reading this post on. I expect that “Only Yesterday” will take myself and many othes on an emotional journey they’ll remember for years to come.


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New Berserk Anime Teaser


The first official teaser of the new Berserk projecct is out and it looks awesome, while we still don’t know the format of the new series we do know that it is set for a 2016 release. The trailer started streaming from the official Berserk manga’s website and at NBC Comic Market booth on the December 29th. The trailer starts off much the same way as the manga did, commenting on how large the Dragon Slayer sword is in which Gutts wields and prmoising the beginning of “sleepless Nights” for our protagonist. The animation looks great and from I can tell the character design for Gutts looks more accurate to the source material. Overall I think this teaser is a success and has more than managed to peak my excitement for the actual debut.

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