Ushio And Tora Season Two Promo Image Revealed

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Last Thursday the official website for the Ushio & Tora anime series released the first promo image for the anime’s second season. The new image (as seen Below) depicts the shows main character, Ushio surrounded by flames with his Yokai partner Tora in the background as well as their mortal enemy Hakumen No Mono, an extremely powerful and dangerous Yokai. ushio-and-tora-season-2-promo-image

The series is set to run a total of 39 episodes with the first 26 of them having already aired last year. The first season of Ushio & Tora came out in July of 2015 and has since grown in popularity with its old school approach to writing and fast paced action sequences. This is one of my favorite series from last year and I’m really looking forward to the second season.