Production I.G. & Netflix Team Up On ‘Perfect Bones’ Anime Series

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The streaming service Netflix and acclaimed anime studio Production I.G. are joining forces in effort to premier a 12 episode anime series entitled ‘Perfect Bones’. This is actually a pretty big deal as the series will not only be a Netflix exclusive but will also be the first time every episode of an anime series airs all at once in over 190 countries world wide. This is basically a milestone in the evolution of anime and how get new content delivered to us. Obviously this is nothing new in terms previous Netflix installments but this means big things for anime, legitimization being one the many important aspects ‘Perfect Bones’ roll out. The series is described as taking place in the future, where scientists work to achieve the “perfect human”. They’re goal is nearly completed with the advent of successful experimentation on three children, but when these kids are sent out for some sort training an evil organization abducts them in order to utilize their abilities in accord with their dubious plans.

Perfect Bones is being directed by Kazuto Nakazawa, who’s worked as director for segments of Genius Party, Parasite Dolls, and the animated sequences of Kill Bill: Vol. 1, which are probably my favorite scenes in the entire movie. Nakazawa also worked on Samurai Champloo, House Of Five Leaves, and El-Hazard as a character designer. As to the animation there’s been no word or press on the look or overall tone for Perfect Bones but considering that Production I.G. is the same studio which brought us Ghost In The Shell and Psycho-Pass I think we can extrapolate a pretty good idea of how it may look. As important a release this is not just for Netflix but for Anime distribution as a whole, its worth mentioning that this isn’t the first time Netflix has taken charge in the way of Distribution for anime. Thanks to Netflix both seasons 1 & 2 of Knights of Sidonia are streaming world wide and Ajin is on its way to the streaming service sometime in mid 2016.