Live Action Terra Formars Trailer 2 Revealed

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The second trailer for the live action Terra Formars movie was released on Tuesday. This new trailer for the upcoming film comes in at a brisk 15 seconds and features some incomplete CGI but that doesn’t deter from its ability to get us excited for the new movie. The clip shows Ichirō Hiruma played by actor Takayuki Yamada readying himself for a state of suspended animation by infusing a Sleeping Chironomid while he faces off against a fear inducing Terra Formar.

The live action Terra Formars film is being directed by Takashi Miike, the same man behind the infamous and cult classic film Ichi The Killer while writer Kazuki Nakashima is heading up the screenplay. Terra Formars is set to release in April during Japans’s Golden Week, a series of holidays falling back to back. From the all the still images and previews we’ve seen up till now, I think its pretty safe to say that this live action adaption of the beloved manga series will be great watch!