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Berserk 2016 Anime Series Episodes 1-3 Review


As a long time Berserk fan my excitement for this new anime adaption of Kentaro Miura’s manga was through the roof, I was literally counting down the days to see all the dark and slimy elements of Miura’s masterpiece come to life. My first introduction to the world of Berserk was through the 1997 series which covered the first ten volumes of the manga or better known as the Golden Age arc. My young mind was enthralled with the lore and strong characters that Miura so painstakingly developed. To this day it remains in my top 10 list of best anime series despite its many shortcomings. Later I would move on the soul crushing manga that is Berserk. As amazing as the manga is I always yearned to see it animated in all its bloody glory. Now a few years have gone by and I’m all caught up with Gut’s story, waiting months on end sometimes over a year for Kentaro Miura to release a new chapter to sate my longing pallete. Finally about a year ago I got word that a new anime was in the works and despite being somewhat disappointed with the movie trilogy I started my countdown.




Finally the first episode aired just a little over three weeks ago, adrenaline pumping through my body as I loaded up Crunchyroll on my Playstation. At the end of the 20 or so minutes that made up the episode I was left feeling a bit confused, asking myself who’s in charge of this show? Why does it look so bad and worst of all why is it so boring! All my hopes for the new series seemed to crash back to Earth. Admittedly CG animation is not something I look forward to, as a 90‘s baby I’ve always enjoyed hand drawn anime and the new Berserk show offered up some of the ugliest animation I’ve seen in quite a while. Thats not to say it all looks bad but where it suffers is in the action scenes, the cuts were sloppy and disorienting. The icing on the cake for me was the music, the oddly placed metal really really left a bad taste in my mouth, especially when I’ve grown accustomed to Susumu Hirasawa’s epic scores in the original Berserk series and movie trilogy.

Still I saddled up the following week to catch episode two and luckily I felt the show had redeemed itself by a considerable measure. To be honest I was a little miffed at how the show skipped over many important parts of the manga like the Lost Children arc but I understand that the people who make the show are on a time budget and need to put things in motion. This time around the animation looked much better, the frame rates were smoother in the action scenes and the odd manga style shading looked more appropriate than it had in episode one. The introduction to Farnese and the Holy See Knights was done well, allowing for much more character development for Guts. Farnese’s character was portrayed in earnest as well, her stern attitude and self important nature gleamed brightly. After giving the first episode a D- I found myself delighted in my grading for the second episode, which I rank at the border of a B-.




Feeling ready to take yet another stab at the meaty flesh that is Berserk, I geared up for Episode three, looking forward to seeing Guts wield the Dragon Slayer against any foe foolish enough to cross eyes with him. This episode felt a little less polished than the previous one with a few sloppy cuts and that awfully out of place metal the show so desperately shoves in our faces. In terms of character development Farnese is forced to come to terms with her faith and eventually herself, realizing her God exists in name only as well as how her devotion and self flagellation is a twisted function of sexual desire. I was honestly pretty shocked to see how far the show went in its portrayal of this, sticking very close to the source material in a scene so gruesome it put my stomach in knots when I first read it in the manga so many years ago. By the end of the episode we learn a bit more about Gut’s mission to slay every apostle in search for the God Hand, the four ruthless demonic entities that led his once comrade Griffith to betray the trust and kinsmenship of the Band Of The Hawk.

While I can’t say that I’m anywhere near as excited about this show as I once was, I can say that there is a glimmer of light. The direction of the series seems to be lining up with all the major plots of the manga and the bore factor from the first episode has been rightly extinguished. At the end of the day my main issue with this show is the poor animation choices. Miura’s dark fantasy will hold up on its own but I just cant get my mind around why this is done in CG. I imagine that Kentaro Miura, the mangaka and man behind Berserk is a bit mystified as to the shows proceedings as we the fans most certainly are as well but all in all I’m still happy that this twisted tale of revenge and betrayal is getting new life poured into it. Maybe its because I’m such a die hard fan of the original anime and manga series or maybe like Farnese I find pleasure in pain but one thing is certain, if your a Berserk fan you ought give it a shot.



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Naruto Musical Full Cast Revealed In Costume


The Live Spectacle Naruto musical stage play released a new visual for the upcoming event of the full cast dressed in full costume. The show goes live on July 7th in Japan but tickets are available starting on May 29th and will be covering the events of starting at the beginning of the manga’s story up to volume 27.

choji-naruto-stage-play hinata-naruto-stage-play ino-naruto-stage-play jiraiya-naruto-stage-play kakashi-naruto-stage-play naruto-stage-play orochimaru-naruto-stage-play rocklee-naruto-stage-play sakura-naruto-stage-play sasuke-naruto-stage-play shikamaru-naruto-stage-play zabuza-naruto-stage-play

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First Look At Live Action Ghost In The Shell Film

Scarlett Johansson plays The Major in Ghost in the Shell from Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks Pictures in theaters March 31, 2017.

The first image of Scarlet Johansson in the lead role as Motoko Kusanagi or simply The Major was shared by Dreamworks and Paramount Pictures, the two studios behind the live action adaption of the classic cyberpunk anime and manga Ghost In The Shell. My first impression of the still provided by the studios is good and even optimistic, I think the mood and tone displayed in this shot match up nicely to Mamoru Oshii’s classic masterpiece and although she may not have Asian roots, Scarlet Johansson looks pretty good as The Major.


The film is set to premier March 31st in 2017, as of right now not much has been revealed about the movie’s plot but casting announcements are coming out at a semi frequent pace. With Scarlet Johansson as the lead and Pilou Asbæk taking up the role as Batou criticism from fans has been fairly negative due the studios choice in not casting Asian actors for the  roles. Politics aside I’m just happy to actually see that a live action Ghost In The Shell movie exist! The GITS franchise has always been in my top five and think If fans can get passed some of the casting choices this movie will be a success, not just for Hollywood but for anime fans and the public’s outlook on the medium as a whole. Other cast members of the notorious Section 9 include Chin Han, Tuwanda Manyimo, Yutaka Izumihara, and Danusia Samal.

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Gundam Unicorn RE:0096 English Preview Streamed


The latest promo footage for the new Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn RE:0096 anime series started streaming on Bandai’s official website on Wednesday. This new preview not only streamed in English but was also accompanied by the official theme song for the series, “Into The Sky” by Tielles. The English version of the promo was supplied Daisuki.

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn RE:0096 is set to start streaming on Crunchyroll starting April 2nd at 6:30pm EDT. While not confirmed whether the streaming service will be simulcasting the English dubbed version of the anime we can expect an expert subtitle from Crunchyroll. The story is an adaption of the original Gundam Unicorn novel series and picks up 16 years after the events of The One Year War. During new political turmoil between Neo Zeon and the Earth Federation Forces the Vist Foundation forms a new threat with a secret so damaging it can devastate the current political climate and bring about the tides of War allover again.

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Live Action Terra Formars Trailer 2 Revealed


The second trailer for the live action Terra Formars movie was released on Tuesday. This new trailer for the upcoming film comes in at a brisk 15 seconds and features some incomplete CGI but that doesn’t deter from its ability to get us excited for the new movie. The clip shows Ichirō Hiruma played by actor Takayuki Yamada readying himself for a state of suspended animation by infusing a Sleeping Chironomid while he faces off against a fear inducing Terra Formar.

The live action Terra Formars film is being directed by Takashi Miike, the same man behind the infamous and cult classic film Ichi The Killer while writer Kazuki Nakashima is heading up the screenplay. Terra Formars is set to release in April during Japans’s Golden Week, a series of holidays falling back to back. From the all the still images and previews we’ve seen up till now, I think its pretty safe to say that this live action adaption of the beloved manga series will be great watch!


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Production I.G. & Netflix Team Up On ‘Perfect Bones’ Anime Series


The streaming service Netflix and acclaimed anime studio Production I.G. are joining forces in effort to premier a 12 episode anime series entitled ‘Perfect Bones’. This is actually a pretty big deal as the series will not only be a Netflix exclusive but will also be the first time every episode of an anime series airs all at once in over 190 countries world wide. This is basically a milestone in the evolution of anime and how get new content delivered to us. Obviously this is nothing new in terms previous Netflix installments but this means big things for anime, legitimization being one the many important aspects ‘Perfect Bones’ roll out. The series is described as taking place in the future, where scientists work to achieve the “perfect human”. They’re goal is nearly completed with the advent of successful experimentation on three children, but when these kids are sent out for some sort training an evil organization abducts them in order to utilize their abilities in accord with their dubious plans.

Perfect Bones is being directed by Kazuto Nakazawa, who’s worked as director for segments of Genius Party, Parasite Dolls, and the animated sequences of Kill Bill: Vol. 1, which are probably my favorite scenes in the entire movie. Nakazawa also worked on Samurai Champloo, House Of Five Leaves, and El-Hazard as a character designer. As to the animation there’s been no word or press on the look or overall tone for Perfect Bones but considering that Production I.G. is the same studio which brought us Ghost In The Shell and Psycho-Pass I think we can extrapolate a pretty good idea of how it may look. As important a release this is not just for Netflix but for Anime distribution as a whole, its worth mentioning that this isn’t the first time Netflix has taken charge in the way of Distribution for anime. Thanks to Netflix both seasons 1 & 2 of Knights of Sidonia are streaming world wide and Ajin is on its way to the streaming service sometime in mid 2016.

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Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin III: Dawn Of Rebellion Promo Streamed


The second trailer for the latest installment of Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin entitled Dawn Of Rebellion started streaming on the Gundam.Info website on Thursday. Luckily the trailer comes with English sub-titles for all us western fans chomping at the bits for this episode. Gundam The Origin III will be covering the birth of the “Red Comet’s” legend and Char Aznables friendship with Garma Zarbi. Gundam The Origin III is set to release in Japanese theaters this May while an English release is expected to come sometime in the Summer, in the meantime check at the trailer below for a look at whats to come.

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Japanese Idol Group Babymetal To Perform On The Late Show With Stephen Colbert


The Japanese idol group and metal band, Babymetal is set to appear on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to promote their new album entitled Metal Resistance. The group is scheduled to appear during the first week of the albums release in the first week of April. Babymetal is comprised of three young girls, Su-Metal (Suzuka Nakamoto), Moametal (Moa Kikuchi), and Yuimetal (Yui Mizono). After rising in popularity and touring with Lady Gaga in 2014, Babymetal has developed a pretty big fan base and have even headlined a few shows here in the States. While the girls are cute to watch while they sing and dance, the actual music offers up some pretty legitimate metal taking ques from hard rock legends like Slipknot and Metallica as obvious influences in their sound. The combination of thrashing metal and gothic lolita girls singing about chocolate is a pleasant surprise not only in the Idol world but in my opinion for music in general.babymetal-tour

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Black Butler Gets New Anime Movie In 2017


A new Kurotshitsuji film entitled Black Butler: The Book Of The Atlantic is set to release in Japan next year. The film will adapt volumes 11-14 of Yana Toboso’s original manga series, also known to fans as the The Ship Voyage Arc. The film is to be directed by Noriyuki Abe with Chrono Trigger’s Yasunori Mitsuda handling the score. The Book Of The Atlantic also has Hiroyuki Yoshino and Minako Shiba working on the script and character designs respectively. As of yet no official date has been announced for the release of the film but I’m sure we’ll get tons of new information in the coming months.

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Ushio And Tora Season Two Promo Image Revealed


Last Thursday the official website for the Ushio & Tora anime series released the first promo image for the anime’s second season. The new image (as seen Below) depicts the shows main character, Ushio surrounded by flames with his Yokai partner Tora in the background as well as their mortal enemy Hakumen No Mono, an extremely powerful and dangerous Yokai. ushio-and-tora-season-2-promo-image

The series is set to run a total of 39 episodes with the first 26 of them having already aired last year. The first season of Ushio & Tora came out in July of 2015 and has since grown in popularity with its old school approach to writing and fast paced action sequences. This is one of my favorite series from last year and I’m really looking forward to the second season.

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Goku And Saitama Finally Square Off Via Cartoon Hooligans

Well folks the time has come, the fight we’ve all been waiting for is finally here thanks to Cartoon Hooligans and its hilarious. For months now the internet has been plagued with heated debate over the possible outcome in a fight between new fan favorite Saitama of One Punch Man and the iconic Son Goku from Dragon Ball Z.
Although I’m partial to Goku, I actually try to stay out of these debates as the entire point of Saitama’s seemingly endless power and One Punch Man as a whole is sort a of running joke at the expense of the shonin industry rather than a show that takes its shonin routes seriously. Anyway, that’s my two cents in the debate over these two titans of action anime. Overall I think this clip really hit the nail on the head and the guys over at Cartoon Hooligans really know these two heores inside and out.

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New Berserk Anime Project Revealed To Be A TV Series


The latest Berserk anime project which was announced late last year has remained a bit mysterious since it’s official announcement. The new Berserk anime was identified as another series of movie adaptions, a series, or if it would become on an OVA. Finally it has been revealed to us that the new Berserk project will be a TV series which is to aired on WOWOW as well as MBS’s Animeism programming schedule. The news comes from Kentaro Miura’s official Berserk website and was published on Thursday in Japan. Check out the video below for a quick teaser of the latest Berserk anime and stay tuned for all the latest news on this project.


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